A Monologue A Month

In April 2022, I decided to start writing a monologue a month for the rest of the year. Here's how it went.

A Monologue A Month will be continuing! Big thanks to Paperchase for gifting me with some lovely writing tools to support this journey for 2023.


November 2022
"It's funny. We come to these museums and we look at all of these odd looking objects, but ultimately we never really change as people."


October 2022
"I still don't understand how we know so much about the galaxies light-years away, but so little about a woman's body."

The Story of Tam Lin

September 2022
Commissioned by Peripeteia Theatre.
"Mirror Mirror is this year's free and online project. Similar to our launch project back in 2020, through the use of monologues Mirror Mirror will explore the change in relations we have with fairy tales and fables now that we are older, wiser and understand their true meaning. Some of the work will be flipping the tale on its head, others will be exploring the aftermath of certain events and a few will be re-imagining the whole thing for a modern adult audience."
Written by Sharon Sibyl Gatt
Directed by Jessica Rose Renshall
Produced by Peripeteia Theatre
"Tell us the story of your fairy prince in the forest. What did you do when he stood in your way on Halloween?"

Shakes Pear

August 2022
August's Monologue a Month is heading to the stage! Come see me perform this piece about this ruddy heat on Saturday the 20th August 2022 at The Golden Goose Theatre in London!

Yours Truly

July 2022
"Dear Diary, What if I lied to you?"


June 2022
For June I wanted to write something inspired by the genius-hacker-quick-typing trope.

A Ghost Story

May 2022
In May there were storms, and it got me in the mood to write something a bit more spooky.

An Interview with a Millennial Fangirl

April 2022
They say write what you know, so for my first monologue, I decided to work on a Mockumentary style video depicting the history of the millennial fangirl.
Let me take you back to the dawn of the internet.